Social Media Management


Social Media Management

Where can you market your business on Social Media?

Thanks to social media services, your company can launch a campaign on the following platforms:

Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – LinkedIn – TikTok – Snapchat


Experienced social media professionals, at Scheme Code , will search your field, your audience, and your goals to determine the best online platforms to launch your activity.


While a dentist’s social media strategy may focus, for example, on Facebook and Instagram, A recruiting firm’s strategy might focus on LinkedIn and Twitter.




How do our social media management Services work?

If you are wondering what it is like to work with an online marketing agency like Injaz Media, this section provides a quick look at our experiences with our clients, and with our customer retention rate of over 90 percent, you can trust us.




What we do at Scheme Code  to make your campaigns successful on Social Media

  • We provide you with a skilled social media account manager.
  • We conduct In-depth analysis of your presence on social media platforms.
  • We work on data-driven strategy.
  • We assure you real and tangible results.




Meet Social Media Teems

When you decide to invest through social networks with the help of  Scheme Code  you will be accompanied by a dedicated social media account manager who will oversee and manage every aspect of your advertising campaign. from the point of the posting content and image design until tracking the results.


At  Scheme Code, we have Teems who have the experience required to implement the strategy developed for you, as well as carrying out research on the reputation of your brand and your competitors.


In addition to their skills in the field of social media management, the account managers, at Scheme Code, are distinguished by their diligence to study your industry before developing a marketing plan to support the work, in this way, you will have a new member in your team who is fully aware of what you are doing.


Get an in-depth analysis of your social media presence

  • Once the Account Manager of Scheme Code, who is assigned for your business, meets your team in person or by phone call, a massive amount of research is conducted during this stage on your business and your competitors ’activities in what is known as“ SWOT Analysis ”.
  • This research serves as a useful reference for the marketer, providing them with valuable information about what your corporate strategy needs to succeed. In addition, it reveals any obstacles or opportunities that need to be addressed.
  • The Social media teem  shares all of his findings with your team and highlights the performance of your social media strategy.
  • Get a Strategy Based on Data & Research
  • The teem r, assigned for you, begins developing a marketing strategy tailored to your business needs on social media platforms. They use their research, in addition to your team’s evaluation comments, to build a short and long-term strategy that matches your goals.
  • See Real and Tangible Results
  • As soon as agreement is reached on a specific strategy for the campaigns, the Marketer can start developing monthly deliveries to your posts and ads then launching them on specific platforms for work after agreeing with your team.
  • After launching your strategy, Account Manager monitors the performance of your posts, ads, and more.
  • In the first months of the Social Media campaign, your business must see notable changes in your day. You may see more requests resulting from the campaign, more comments, and questions about your business activities, or more spreading.
  • Our goal is to make a real and measurable change to the volume of your business such as expanding into a new area, appointing new members to the team, or launching more products and services.



What we can, at Scheme Code, produce to enhance your presence on social media platforms

  • Innovative Social Media designs.
  • Unique distinctive identity designs that represent your business.
  • Content photography “Video”
  • Attractive content addresses the target audience and boosts your visibility in search results.
  • Setting up your accounts on all social media platforms.
  • Brand reputation analysis.
  •  Post-financing advertisement management.
  • In-depth analysis of competitors.
  • Daily monitoring of social media platforms and activities.
  • Transparent monthly reports.

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