E-Commerce Website


E-Commerce Website

Because designing a professional online store is a very important step to increase your profits through e-commerce and selling through the Internet, and designing an online market includes all the means that help you to display your company's products and start the selling process.

Scheme Code is the best online store design company, as we offer you a professional integrated store that provides you with unique and innovative solutions that make you manage the sales process with complete ease that helps increase sales traffic.

You can display thousands of products in your store while ensuring the efficient operation of the online store and the speed of browsing, which facilitates companies, institutions and factories to manage inventory, connect to the company's system, receive and manage incoming orders.

E-commerce numbers are doubling every day at the global level. E-commerce sales amounted to about $4.9 trillion for the year 2021, and this figure is expected to grow over the next few years to reach about $7.4 trillion by 2025.

Your online store is your window to enter the world of the Internet, especially with the huge technological development in the world of e-commerce and the change of many shoppers to their traditional purchasing habits to turn to online shopping.

Owning a professional online store is no longer a luxury, but rather an absolute necessity in order to reach as many customers as possible, achieve more sales, and stay ahead of the competition.


The importance of designing and programming an online store

1. Easy access to customers

Selling through an online store enables you to reach your target customer who is already searching for the products and services you offer, but this does not happen once you create the store, but rather by following effective marketing strategies that help your store appear when your audience searches for words associated with your online store.


2. There is no competition in your own store

When you display your products or services on a public e-commerce site or in a group on social media, you are entering into fierce competition with many merchants who promote their products and services in the same way, otherwise you are bound by the rules of the forum or group in the way you publish and display your products. But when owning a private online store, you will not be subject to those rules.


3. The ability to add and classify products

With an online store for your business, you are able to add an unlimited number of products and classify these products into many different categories, and this you cannot do on the Facebook group, which makes it difficult for the customer to find your product.


4. Direct interaction with clients

The online store allows you to interact easily and directly with existing customers as well as with visitors via live chat, chatbots, or other support channels, knowing their requirements and ratings, which helps increase awareness of your business.


5. Ease of the purchase process for the customer

Through your online store, the customer can easily browse and freely choose products from many different categories and divisions. He can also view ratings and the number of previous purchases, which gives your brand more confidence among customers.


6. Achieving more sales

The online store helps you to reach your target customer, that is, who is looking for the services and products that you provide. Therefore, increasing the sales of your business is guaranteed by selling through online stores.


7. Data analysis and knowledge of the customer's purchasing behavior

The online store enables you to analyze visitor data and study their purchasing behavior. Through the use of some analytical tools, you can know the most visited pages, what the visitor does when he enters your site, what pages he leaves without making any decision, which enables you to use this data to restore Targeting through your advertising campaigns.


How to manage online stores

  • Providing products, goods or services
  • Add products, images and set prices
  • Determine the methods of collecting payments in the store
  • Bringing the best products from the best suppliers
  • Handling storage, shipping, delivery and returns issues
  • Follow-up and customer support via phone - chat - e-mail
  • Managing customer service staff


The most important features of the online store

Responsive design

An attractive and professional online store designer, Responsive Web Design, compatible and responsive to all different devices. .


Professional control panel

It helps you manage and control the online store, add products, follow up orders, and view reports.


Marketing basket

The shopping cart system (shopping cart) allows the visitor to add products to purchase later.


Strong protection

Completely secure your online store for data and protection from hacking.


Order follow-up system, shipping and product return

The number of sales, the total value of orders, the number of customers, the number of ready orders, the orders under processing, the number of received and canceled orders.




customers service

The chat and technical support system works to follow up on solving problems for your customers (Live Chat).




General settings

An account for each customer that allows him to add and purchase orders, follow up on their arrival and return, and communicate with the site.


How to design an online store and technical details

  • Responsive Web Design and responsive to all devices
  • Add your social networking sites to the store.
  • The most important pages inside the online store (home - store - brands - special offers - blog - contact us)
  • Add an infinite number of products with all product details containing the product name, pictures, price, quantity, date of presentation and discounts.
  • The ability to add more than one main or subsection, or more than one secondary subsection, then products.
  • The user can search for products and add the desired products to purchase them later.
  • Adding discounts and offers on products for a limited time, in addition to coupons.
  • Print invoices or send them via email.
  • Strong and complete protection for electronic store files and comprehensive password encryption