Mobile Application Design


Mobile Application Design

Are you looking for your company, services, products or activity for an Android and iOS application design company? Let's get to know the importance of creating a commercial application or application of services and what it will provide.


The importance of mobile application design service for your business

Mobile application design has recently spread widely with different types and forms of mobile applications that depend on different systems such as Android systems and IOS systems for iPhone. The reason for this great spread is that most Internet users have become permanently connected by using mobile phones or mobile smart phones.


Thus, companies and websites that rely on providing or selling their services or offering and selling their products on the Internet have come to view the matter as a technological development. Therefore, most owners of companies, institutions, or websites have turned to the easiest way to re-communicate with Internet users faster and better, which is by creating and programming applications. Their own..


Advantages of designing mobile applications for your project?

1- Spread your brand better

One of the best advantages in designing mobile applications is the spread of the brand about your company, and you, as a project owner, can benefit from creating a mobile application in profit by adding ads or by providing some advantages in the application for a fee.


2- Get the target segment

One of the most important benefits of designing mobile applications is getting an accurate identification of the most profitable geographic areas and knowing customer needs so that you can meet customer needs more effectively.


3- Increase your site visits

You can increase your site visits when your application is present on the Apple Store or Google Store, and this leads to attracting a lot of visits to your website.


4- Better and faster communication with customers

When you use the mobile application, it will certainly contain a chat system to communicate with your customers quickly all the time.


5- Supporting the marketing process for your project

You can use social media and social media by placing the application link on it, which leads to increased chances of downloads for your application and marketing for it.


Create my own app

If your first question is what is the price of designing mobile applications, then this means that you are searching for the lowest prices in the market, and this will not help you much. Different due to the characteristics that you need in your application, the WhatsApp application cannot be like the Truecaller application, as they differ in characteristics as well as in prices, so I do not advise you to search for the lowest priced company, but you should look for someone who can meet your requests and achieve your goal of designing a professional application. .


Mobile application programming

If you want to get a professional mobile application programming service that achieves your goals from programming this application, then you must deal with an application design company that is distinguished by its ability to achieve any programming idea, as well as it has a work team to design mobile applications with a sophisticated and professional taste, unlike other application design companies The other mobile phones, and since you are reading the article of this service, if I think that Skmcode for software solutions and integrated web services is one of your choices, then you should know what Skmcode will offer you in the service of programming mobile applications and designing mobile applications..


Steps to create an application

  • Determine the purpose of the application and how it works
  • Studying and analyzing the idea of ​​the application, its presentation, colors and suggestions.
  • View an initial form of the application, how it works, and the time it takes to implement it.
  • The company talks with the client and listens carefully to the desired goal of designing the application.
  • The specialist studies and analyzes the idea for which you want to create an application and then gives the customer some suggestions that improve the form and efficiency of the application.
  • Then, the customer puts his own imagination for the design of the application, then the mobile application design department official embodies a form for the customer’s application with choosing the colors that suit the idea of ​​the application, then we present it to the customer for approval or the existence of any modification.
  • Then, we present to the customer the financial offer for designing the application according to the agreed specifications and the available payment methods.
  • After making the modifications to the design and then obtaining the approval, we move to the mobile application programming department, which in turn starts the project, then the specialist presents a trial copy of the application to the customer for the ease of making the modifications that the customer desires, and after completing the modifications, the customer receives the application or we add the special application The customer to Google Play in case the customer so desires.
  • After completing the modifications, the customer receives the application, or we add the customer’s application to Google Play if the customer desires to do so.
  • In addition to providing continuous technical support after sales.

Languages used in application programming


  • The "Java" programming language: It is the first programming language that is preferred by all Android application design developers around the world. It is flexible, but you can only use it in developing Android applications, and we will help you well in IOS applications because we use the "Swift" language that we rely on to create an application. for iPhone a..
  • Android Studio: The best integrated development environment for developing and designing Android applications that makes it easier for developers to write the source code of Android applications, and allows the developer to instantly preview the appearance of his application on various screen sizes during development, and facilitates the development of multilingual applications.
  • Swift: It is the official language that invaded the Apple system, as it takes into account the use of the latest Apple API.
  • XML: It is used in designing Android applications by the designer responsible for that.

Your choice of us as an application design company


  • Operating systems: Before you contact us for programming and designing mobile applications, you must choose the category that you are targeting, as well as choose their operating system or that of the majority of the used category. There is more than one operating system for smart phones such as Android, IOS and Windows Phone, and we provide you with services Programming applications in all systems.
  • Organizing the application: In the event that you want to add a lot of information to the pages of your application, then this information must be added strategically so that the user does not get bored or feel lost inside the application, so he closes it and does not return again, so our smart phone developers work in easy and simple ways It makes the application pages interconnected with each other, making the user move between the pages easily and smoothly, and thus he will not feel lost or the application will be slow in downloading, which makes him tired of waiting, as well as not consuming the battery of the user’s device, so do not worry, dear customer, because we are experts in these simple matters related to programming mobile applications
  • Continuous follow-up of the application: You must inform our dear customer that there are updates that take place periodically for all programming languages, as well as with Google’s policies for mobile applications, so updates must be made on your application periodically commensurate with Google’s algorithms for mobile applications, as well as to improve your application for users .

In the end, we must reassure you, our dear customer, that Skmcode Company for software, web services and web design cares about all the aspects mentioned above and other aspects that will only be mentioned to the customer in person so that the image is clear and understandable to him.