Development of Managerial programs


Development of Managerial programs

Companies constantly need a program to manage companies in order to be able to achieve the success they desire, which requires accuracy from officials, full commitment and monitoring of all actions that occur in companies, and this requires a very great effort, in addition to the need for a lot of employment to achieve the element of accuracy, but recently and with The spread of technology and many modern technologies has made it possible to do project management programs through an integrated program that is programmed to suit your company and the activity that the company is carrying out, which helps to facilitate the management of the important things in the company as this program is a general leader for all tasks in the company through it It is possible to control sales, find out employee data, determine salaries, print invoices and other services




Restaurant management software

The existence of a restaurant management program that helps identify all the items in the restaurant, whether food or drinks. It also helps to know the requests for each customer and determine the bills and the possibility of paying them through it, whether by cash transactions, checks or credit cards. Most of the well-known and successful restaurants are characterized by having an integrated program to manage their business.


sales management software

The program responsible for managing sales is one of the most important programs that must be available to all institutions and companies whose activity depends on sales, as it facilitates many transactions through which bills for customers are paid, whether by cash or by credit cards or by check. During which the discounts on some commodities and all the data of the customer are recorded with the possibility of separating the departments from each other and giving special reports for each department at the end of the day. By communicating with the Existence Company, you can obtain the most powerful sales management program to help you manage your business and all this with the best quality, lowest prices and fastest time .


Commercial mall management software

There are many large malls, and these malls need full concentration in order to benefit from them and achieve the largest percentage of profits. The mall management program helps to manage all the existing businesses, control the many stores in the mall, and know the data of the workers. It also helps me pay and print invoices and register all the goods with The possibility of continuous modification and helps to organize employees’ times and know the goods with discounts and other important things that need to be managed in the malls, so the mall management program saves a lot of time and effort for the owners of the malls and helps in achieving the highest profit rates.


Corporate management program and government institutions

There are many government institutions in which there are many works that need to be well organized and managed, such as matters related to the attendance and departure of employees, their salaries, and the dates of sending papers to higher government agencies. Each worker in the institution and define tasks, and through it, it is possible to know the number of absentees, determine the salaries and the date of their receipt for each worker in the institution, and it is also possible for him to send reminders of some important work that must be done, as any government institution must work to provide this program to provide Time, effort and the completion of many works.


Hospital management software

Hospitals always need great attention from officials, and the existence of a program that manages them may save a lot of effort by officials, as the program works to organize patient data and know the bills and cost of treating each patient, as it helps to know the available rooms in the hospital, the number of individuals and the number of doctors This program helps to manage hospitals in an integrated manner. Presence is working on programming and designing a program for managing hospitals in an integrated manner that helps you manage your business, all at the lowest cost.


School management software

This program works to serve all parties related to the school and the educational process, so it facilitates communication between teachers, students, and parents. Through it, you can manage everything related to the staff and teachers working in the school, as it provides a special part for the school workers, and through it the salaries, the number of attendance days, and all data related to the workers are recorded. In the school, including the private data of the mobile number, the address, the date of obtaining the qualification, and so on. Through this program, it is also possible to track the number of days of attendance, departure, absence, hourly delay, and the identification of incentives and discounts, and so on. It is an integrated program that helps you manage the school with ease.


Hotel management software

It works on the management of the residential units in the hotels and through it it is possible to divide it into units and control each unit separately. Through it, the restaurants in the hotel are controlled and the items in them are known. It also works to manage the hotel workers and know their attendance and departure times. The number and locations of the available rooms in which there are no people and the data of all the people in the hotel. The presence company develops the best hotel management program to make it easier for you to do many hard work that needs more focus.


Business and task management software

It works on planning and organizing all the tasks related to the various works and helps in organizing the time and assigning tasks to all employees with the work of schedules and through which it is possible to deal with the invoices and to pay and print them as well.


Project management software

It helps in managing all projects in an organized and different manner, through which the paid and earned funds can be known with the possibility of calculating