Short Story About Our Company


Scamcode is a leading company in designing and developing administrative programs for companies

(ERP Systems-CRM Systems-POS Systems) and providing services for designing and hosting websites, designing mobile applications, managing social media, designing electronic stores, and designing commercial identities

  1. time-line
    January 1, 2015
    Start Of Our Journey

    At the beginning of 2016, we started studying the needs of the Egyptian market and cooperated to create a website development company, benefiting from the experiences of everyone in the company, and beginning to compete with companies

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    January 1, 2018
    Mobile Application

    After a heavy study of the needs of the Egyptian smart market and our participation in achieving progress and success with creative people, we entered the world of Mobile application for smartphones that is suitable for the technological market.

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    January 1, 2020
    Corona Pandemic

    In light of the Corona pandemic, we were able to help companies and clients reduce losses as much as possible to overcome the crisis. We also helped some of them to increase profits from alternative opportunities.

  4. time-line
    January 1, 2022
    Business Software

    After achieving success in all our services, we began issuing commercial programs and administrative systems such as enterprise resource planning ERP, point of sale POS, customer relationship management CRM, and other systems to help companies achieve the desired goals.

  5. time-line
    January 1, 2023
    Artificial Intelligence AI

    The beginning of the expansion of the use of artificial intelligence in all our services, including website design, smart phone applications, commercial programs, and administrative systems.

Our Vision

Achieve the integration of our passion for success and artificial intelligence.

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Our Valuable Clients

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We at Sumcode are proud that we listen to customers well in order to understand their goals well and deal with them in an organized manner to achieve them through

Appropriate design: Now design is one of the most important things that distinguishes us, because we care about achieving aesthetics and simplicity in designing the user interface, so this makes our design the best.

The service provided: We work to ensure that the final product and application provided to the customer is effective and includes all the services agreed upon in the business plan.

Speed: We are working to make programs more efficient and faster, through the best software solutions, and choosing the most appropriate ones to achieve customer goals.

Commitment to standards: We adhere to high quality standards in design and programming so that they are compatible with the user experience.