Business Identity Design


Business Identity Design

In Scheme code, we design commercial identities to represent the activity of each customer and what addresses the target audience. We can design all identity elements and others. We are distinguished by modern designs and speed of completion. We also provide our customers with multiple designs for commercial identity so that the customer can choose the identity that he likes and finds suitable for him.


The importance of designing commercial identities?

Creating a commercial identity has many benefits, as companies spend millions of money to work on creating, consolidating and developing their identity among consumers.


Show your difference and uniqueness

The global market is full of large and small companies, and competitors are increasing to gain customer satisfaction. You will need something that distinguishes you from other companies to differ from your competitors. And here comes the role of brand identity; Studies have shown that 60% of consumers prefer to shop from brands they already know.


- draw attention

Sometimes you need to choose a different name, design a logo for your company, and design a logo. These things do not reflect the products that you will provide in your company, but it is for marketing purposes and to attract the attention of consumers.


- Designing a complete commercial identity and enhancing your presence in the market

The majority of consumers tend to deal with famous brands, so if you have a distinctive visual identity, the number of your permanent customers will increase, and thus your sales will increase.


- The commercial identity of companies and increase customer confidence in the services and products they provide

Your innovative and distinctive logo is sufficient to create a good image in front of customers. Whenever the logo is innovative, has an attractive idea, and expresses your products and services, this leads to consumers being attracted to you, and it stimulates them to learn more about your company and your products and increases their confidence in you and your products.


Consumer loyalty

Designing a commercial identity in an organized manner, in accordance with the set goals, reflecting and supporting the goals and vision of the company. Customers who feel like and relate to your product; They will surely become loyal to your company.


Image and reputation

The mental image and reputation of your company depends on the quality of the products you offer, which you showed to your customers while designing the corporate identity.


The right marketing for your project

By owning a logo for the organization, you can design many images that contain the logo and publish them on social networking sites to gain the confidence of followers more than random publishing.


- The customer's feeling of the quality of your product

When a customer sees an innovative logo with an attractive idea, the first thing that comes to his mind is that it is a large company of great importance. It also gives an impression of the quality and distinction of services, unlike companies that spend their attention on choosing a logo of their own, and the results of that are the customers’ lack of interest in them.


- Designing a commercial identity helps explain what your business is and the services you provide to the customer.

Corporate identity redesign


Re-designing corporate identity is among the marketing strategies, in which a new name, symbol or design is chosen. But when is it necessary to re-brand?


Many companies sometimes are in dire need of rebranding, but they don't realize it. Here is a list of the most important elements by which you realize you need a redesign:

When your brand doesn't reflect your name

In some cases, after reaching maturity or further market exploration, your business goals may change, leading to drastic changes in the core of your brand. Hence you will need to redesign your business identity.


- When you need to change the negative image of yourself

Sometimes your brand image is negative in front of your target audience, whether it's because of brand attack or quality issues. Rebranding can help you gain a new position in the minds of your target audience, but of course you have to solve the problem that caused it to gain the trust of your customers.


- When your brand is out of date

It's normal for your website, business cards, or other materials to become outdated over time. So it could be an indication that your business needs some renovation. Here you will need a company from the best commercial identity design company to redesign your brand.


* In the end, you must know that the identity is not just an image or a symbol, but it is the one that expresses the company and the product.