Web Design and Hosting


Web Design and Hosting

Website design and hosting is one of the most important means for companies to excel in all commercial and non-commercial activities. Whereas, having a website with a creative design and high speed is a success and superiority over competitors in your same field, below is an explanation of the innovations we offer you in this service.

First: Web Hosting

Our web hosting features:

•             Fast servers.

•             99.99% uptime.

•             A complete "cPanel" control panel.

•             Regular backups.

•             High specifications and spaces on request.

•             Free SSL Certificate for Website Security.

•             Unlimited databases.

•             Official emails in the name of your website.

•             Shared and private hosting are available.

Second: Web Design

We create a website with a unique creative design customized just for you. This is because we do not use ready-made designs and then modify them, but we design and build your entire website from scratch.

It is not possible to find another website with the same design as yours. As we always depend in our implementation of websites on the following:

•             A study the content of your website, your business, and your competitors.

•             Drawing an initial plan to organize the stages of implementing the website.

•             Start by implementing the design in accordance with the colors of your logo identity.

•             We follow the basics of SEO during implementation to make it easier to target search engines.

•             In our implementation, we take into account that the website is compatible with all devices and mobiles.

•             We take into account that the website is fast, easy to use and uncomplicated.

•             We show you the executed design so that you tell us your requirements for modifications.

•             Implementation of the required modifications and creating a backup copy before delivery.

•             Delivery of the website with an explanation of how to use it and modify the content in it.

Website Features Details

•             Fast and responsive to all computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles of all sizes. Mobile friendly.

•             A website based on SEO standards to suit search engines and automatically appear after a while in search engines.

•             Safe website against hackers and spammers.

•             Easy to use, uncomplicated, leaves an impression on its visitors by visiting it again.

•             Availability to make a multilangual website, in Arabic and English.

Website Post-delivery Services

•             We provide you SEO friendly content writing. Adding & updating your posts or products anytime you need.

•             Create electronic forms and landing pages on your website to use in your advertising campaigns and e-marketing.